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  • Causes and symptoms of infection in humans with parasites. Effective recipes for natural folk remedies for removing worms and parasites from the body.
    24 August 2021
  • Worms are worms that lead a parasitic lifestyle in the body of their host - a person. In the article we will talk about worms: symptoms, methods of diagnosis and treatment.
    7 June 2021
  • Classification of parasites. Ways of infection with helminths. What symptoms accompany the presence of parasites in the body
    29 March 2021
  • Infection with parasitic organisms is an extremely common problem, so the question of how to get rid of parasites in the body is very worrying. We will tell you how drugs and folk remedies help to drive out parasites.
    29 March 2021
  • Parasites in the body: their types and signs of parasites in the human body. Harmful and beneficial parasites: how to check the body for parasitesWhy do parasites start in the human body? How can you kill parasites in the body?
    28 March 2021